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homemade deodorant sprayYou're welcome to link to How About Orange or use a single image with a brief description to link back to any post. The mechanism for zinc ricinoleate working as a deodorant isn't exactly known, but it is thought to absorb the odors somehow without inhibiting natural perspiration. I've also made a similar coconut oil/baking soda deodorant without the clay, and it's ok too. When using the oil in a liquid state (in the summer, warmer climates), 6 T will be plenty to make your deodorant thick.

Also, I think the mixture should still work without the solid state (that's just the beeswax) since it's rubbed into the skin. I should note that I am referring to essential oil, which is much stronger, than say a flavoring or aroma oil is. Before I found this, I tried pretty much every natural commercial product (the crystal stick , natural brands like this , and sprays like this ) Everything made me breakout. The coconut oil soothes the skin and works as a natural fungus and bacteria fighter. I'm considering switching to either kokum or shea butter from my usual coconut oil based bodycare, but I'm not quite whether or not they're affected by summer temperatures, and if they are — what the amounts of beeswax I should add to them are. Baking soda absorbs odors, and you probably don't want it pre-absorbing any odors before you put it on your body. You can really use any scent you like but I think the vanilla is soft and sweet and goes well with the coconut.

If it's solidified, melt the coconut oil for 15 seconds in the microwave or in a small saucepan set over low heat. I am looking for a deodrant formula that could be added to a roller, pump, or non-aerosol spray bottle. I had made a homemade liquid deoderant with witch hazel and essential oils like patchouli lavender etc and that seems to be better but not fully working against perimenipausal ponging!! However, I hear tell that this solidifies to the point where you can pack it in an old deodorant container and use it just like you normally do. I may try that, if things seem to get a little more solid soon. If it is JUST the baking soda, give this combo a try with all of the other ingredients and just leave the baking soda out. I'm so excited to finally be able to share with you a natural, homemade deodorant with coconut oil deodorant for sensitive skin that actually works!

Without alcohol, the essential oil will settle at the bottom of the spray bottle, as essential oils won't mix with water alone. I also felt like it was crazy difficult to separate the cooled beeswax concoction from the cookware that I used. I just made your creamy deodorant and added in some shea butter (2 Tbs.) in lieu of using all (4 Tbs.) coconut oil. Peppermint is the perfect compliment to coconut oil because its antibacterial/antimicrobial properties fight the bacteria that cause odor, while cooling your skin by constricting the capillaries. Add 1 cup of apricot oil or rice-bran oil to a large saucepan, then mix in 1 cup of stearic acid.

Right before this, I had just spent a lot of money on a natural deodorant from the health food store that did nothing for me either. My mother, who listens to my stories of all the things I've been trying, is on the walk to more natural living alongside me. She chose to find a natural deodorant (not antiperspirant) to avoid aluminum.

Mix equal parts of baking soda and cornstarch and add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture to give it your personal scent. You can just mix this up and put it in an old deodorant dispenser and keep it in the fridge. The coconut oil isn't the essential part so you can play around with the oil/fat part of the recipe. ˜º hair holds bacteria, so it would even help your deodorant work better, not to mention last longer, if there weren't a lot of hair present for it to have to contend with. Optional: If you'd like a scent, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil at this time. I've added more baking soda and arrowroot powder (twice) and it still isn't the consistency of yours. For someone with sensitive skin, this deodorant does the job and won't irritate any skin conditions. Although generally I like avoiding chemicals with unproven safety records, aluminum in deodorant is not one of them.

PPP sent me their sensitive skin formula when I asked about a product that didn't have baking soda, because of the redness, and it works great. I've been without deodorant for another 2 weeks now, but it was too hot and we were too close at work today for me to go another day without. I tried this one and it wasn't quite strong enough for me and I found another recipe for deodorant that works better for my needs. This deodorant not only eliminates bad odors, but reduces sweating for the whole day.

If you're making your own deodorant to avoid such things, why risk using an essential oil that contains phytoestrogens, even if only in small amounts. This first time around I skipped the scent, because my son was also using the same deodorant (yeah, maybe that's a little gross, but at least he's using deodorant, musty little monkey that he is). My mum suffered with fragrance allergies after years of wearing certain brands with no issues so this homemade perfume would have been ideal for her too. I just spray it 4 times on each pit and let it dry for a while before putting my shirt on in the morning.

I've tried adding it to an old deodorant container, but had to keep it in the fridge and didn't like putting on cold deodorant. Or even reduce the baking soda amount, just to see if less baking soda would help. No previous edible or chewable deodorant product appears to have succeeded in getting much of a hold on the market, he added. Just leave the clay out (although it's a great staple ingredient to invest in).

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